Thursday, March 22, 2012

She Didn't Shoot the Sheriff, but She Did Shoot Us!

Hello to all fans, friends or family who are dropping in for a read! Today, I wanted to take the time to give a quick shout out to our amazing photographer, Alexi-Lan Lowell, of Walla Photography in Bangor, ME! Day four of our engagement, I had been wading through a sea of links, pictures, the riptides of lace, flower arrangements, and dresses consistently pulling me back from the sleep I intended to get sooner or later. There comes a phenomenon, where no matter how much you may love wedding planning, you look so intensely for so long that all the diversity in the world starts to look the same. That how you know it's time to take a breather! ;)
But just before I got to take a break, I got a break. Earlier, I had heard from an old friend who was a talented photographer and who offered to cover our wedding. I was eager to have friends involved, but his wedding packages were just too expensive for our tiny budget, and it became obvious to me that we were going to have to find a more affordable way to have tangible memories of our special day. I checked the theater related sub-folder of our university's First Class e-mailing system. Staring me in the face was an e-mail from Lexi, advertising her website launch. I figured "Why not, let's see what she's got...", so I clicked on the link to her website, ignoring the incessant low battery notice from my Ipod (we were both running out of energy!). I was shocked, as Lexi's rates are fantastic. My natural reaction was cynical, I'm sheepish to admit. I figured if her pricing was so affordable, that her work must be poor or alright, but not fine tuned.
I.Was. Stunned... Her ability to capture color especially intrigued me, as well as her skillful candid photos and breathtaking black and white photos all created a beautiful body of work. She had a deal going for March, offering a discount on some sessions. So I took a chance, and booked an engagement session with her for the following Thursday.
Lexi was just about the sweetest person to work with. She's full of great ideas, but open, and the farthest from demanding as anyone could be. She helped us maximize placement in our engagement shoot at the library where Brenden and I first went on a date, and the hall where we first met. She flawlessly combined what was sentimentally important to us, what were realistic photographic goals, and what helped bring out our playful personalities.
Long story short, I would recommend her to anyone, as she is a joy to be around and great at what she does. Walla Photography is on facebook, and they have their own website with a blog. The only problem with it, is that it's new, so it doesn't come up right away when googling it. But no worries, we can supply it here! :)
Well, technically here: Link :)

Also, attached are a couple of our engagement shoot photos, to demonstrate her amazing work! :) Thanks so much Lexi, and all readers! :]

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