Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Outfit Adventure Continues! Part Two- Find the Shoe!

I hadn't felt this way in a long time. I had given up hope in this kind of romance. I tried and tried to put it out of my mind, but I couldn't ignore the truth. Those champagne-gold strands the just tied the whole thing together, and that gorgeous,rich, brown tone. I knew I had to have the shoes. I first saw the shoes when my freshman year roommate sent me the link to the Poetic License website. Browsing through their adorable and unique shoes (which can be found here for anyone interested), I was impressed. I'm more of a high-tops kind of girl, and hadn't been thoroughly invested in heels in many years. But then I saw them standing there(cue Beatles reference!). And just as a woman overtaken with a silly romance of childhood, I was overwhelmed by those sweethearts.
See? They're adorable in that odd kind of way, right? Well I just knew that they needed to be mine! We're having a late November wedding, and our color scheme is basically a Reese's sort of deal- mostly browns but rich accents of yellows and oranges. So I saw these, and knew the search was over. Well, sort of... Finding them was the end and the beginning all in one. As luck would have it, by the time I went to buy them, Poetic License no longer had the brown shoes anymore, only carrying grey and mint (which you should still check out, because they're adorable! here is the link!:] ). So my trek across the wilderness of the internet began. I looked everywhere for these babies! I googled them in just about every way imaginable! "Brown Backlash Poetic License" , "Poetic License Overstock", "Brown Backlash size 7"; but no dice, and more importantly, no cute shoes to be found. Everywhere I looked, they were all sold out. I even found one where they weren't sold out entirely, but only had size 6 and size ten. And yes, I briefly contemplated practicing foot binding to make it work, but thankfully decided against it. (Crazy cute shoes do crazy things to people! It's like cabin fever, but weirder!) I was utterly discouraged, resigning myself to sign up on the mailing list in case they were ever back in stock. Then later, wading through the sea of google pages (where almost none of the results remotely match- success! A small shop by the name of Monogram Magic by B.B. made my dreams come true! A pair of brown Backlash Poetic License shoes, size 7, just looking at me- begging. I almost peed my pants with excitement, and then after gaining a modicum of control over myself asked the inevitable "So what's the catch?". After scouring the site and others for review of the shop's performance, I couldn't find any. There is the monogram of a tiny blue ribbon on the bottom of the shoe, but other than that, it was exactly as its original. So I did it. I took a chance, and ordered from them(which for all interested, they have a lot of cute shoes, and can be found here :) They didn't have a place where I could leave a good review, so this is the best I can do!). About a week later, my shoes came in. The verdict? outstanding! They were just as pictured, and they fit perfectly!I was so impressed and so elated, and the only fault I have with them is that I am tempted to wear them every time I open my closet! So moral of the story? Knowing what you want is sometimes the hardest part. But after you know, hold on tight and never stop looking for the solution! :)

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